California Nebbiolo

“It grows like a weed,” Randall Grahm said to me first when I asked him to describe his experience with Nebbiolo in California. This is ironic because Nebbiolo is supposed to be one of the most difficult varieties to grow in the world. The point is that the vine does grow like a weed. But … Continue reading California Nebbiolo

Cantina del Pino Ovello Barbaresco 2001-2007, and more

On May 3 this year I was lucky to catch my good friend Renato Vacca during his short trip to California. He and the guys (Joe & Mike) at Enoteca La Storia (ELS) had arranged a vertical tasting of Cantina del Pino Ovello vineyard Barbarescos. This is the only such comprehensive vertical tasting ever done with … Continue reading Cantina del Pino Ovello Barbaresco 2001-2007, and more

Cantina del Pino

Notes from my visit on December 15, 2009. I’ve tasted through most of these wines’ vintages over the past few years and what I can say in general about all of them, without a doubt, is that these are wines of consistent expressiveness, deliberateness, and distinction.  This tasting was my favorite yet. Langhe Freisa 2008.  … Continue reading Cantina del Pino