… run through muddy vineyards, evidently. No but seriously …

Explore, observe, listen, document, reflect, share: that’s what I’ve been doing since my very first hour in Barolo and it’s what I do now.

I’m not afraid to get dirty, go out in the rain, or hop on a plane or train to discover the next new place. I’m in search of authentic wine with history, made by people who care, who live and breathe what they do.

Every wine has a message and it’s my job to communicate it. I’m not into contrived messages. I’m here for real wine: natural wine. However it is defined—and I’ll work to clarify terminology and definitions—sustainable, organic, biodynamic, wine from a place with a history and an energy all its own, that’s what I’m about. That’s what I’ll write about.

Whether it’s through journalism, any of my marketing services, or the content of the enotecaMarcella blog, I am here to promote the production and communicate the message of real, soulful and natural wines.

That’s what I do.