not only offers the world’s largest selection of wine, but is an excellent educational resource and reference site! You can find professional ratings and reviews on every product, as well as extensive content on every wine region, category, grape variety and producer.

I am responsible for all the content on wine regions, wine categories and grape varieties. For example, click on—Chardonnay, Chile, Petite Sirah, Piemonte, Valdiguie or Veneto—to learn all about each! I also manage our Wine Recommendations Team, so if you have any wine questions, there is a team of wine experts there to help you!

Follow the link to the former blog to see my former contributions, or check out our Guides & Articles to see where I am also contributing now. Here are just a few articles I’ve added:

Wine Nutrition Facts

What Makes Organic Wine Organic?

Wine for Summer

Wines for Spring

Wine for Fall

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