not only offers the world’s largest selection of wine, but also expert guidance in various forms. Heavily accessed for listings of professional ratings, as well as valuable and extensive content on every wine region, grape variety and producer, also offers a free mobile app and last but certainly not least, a team of live chat wine experts.

In addition to acting as a Lead wine expert on our Recommendations Team, I am also the author of the wine Region and grape Variety entries on the site. For example, click on—Chardonnay, Chile, Petite Sirah, Piemonte, Valdiguie and then Veneto—to learn all about each! The list goes on; there are nearly 800 entries jam-packed with info.

I am also a regular contributor the the Blog. Here are some elected entries:

The New Age of Prosecco

Washington Wine

Are Organic Wines Really Organic?

Sicily: A Food and Wine Paradise

Discovering Rhone River Valley Wines

The debut of the 2012 Barolo vintage and 2013 Barbaresco & Roero

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