I heart Italian Pink Bubbly

February. It's the month to love, right? Well people love to hate Valentine's Day. Did you know the day after is officially National Singles Day? As if in revolt! I don't mind it. I don't really care actually. What's wrong with a day (or a month) to think about how much you love the special … Continue reading I heart Italian Pink Bubbly

Recent Standouts: Hofstätter, Le Bèrne, Chiarli, Tabarrini, …

I recently had a glass of fabulous Pinot nero at Cantinetta Luca, one of my very favorite Italian restaurants within reasonably close proximity to where I live. On perusing the by-the-glass list, my eye was immediately drawn to the Pinot nero from Alto Adige but then I saw all kinds of other interesting stuff: Gaglioppo, … Continue reading Recent Standouts: Hofstätter, Le Bèrne, Chiarli, Tabarrini, …

Lambrusco: la bevanda perfetta per l’estate

Please, regardless of what you’ve got lined up to drink before the weather turns cold again, do yourself a favor and add Lambrusco† — now! Go down to your favorite fine wine shop, pick up a bottle (rosso preferably), take it home, get a pizza, crack open the wine, and … I think you can … Continue reading Lambrusco: la bevanda perfetta per l’estate

Next Stop: Domenico Clerico

Notes from February 20, 2010. I’m putting him at the top of my list for my next trip!  Maybe he’ll take me in for a taste at Vinitaly this year… I had never had any of his wines, except for L’Arte 2003 back on my very first night (ever) in Barolo. But after returning from Italy … Continue reading Next Stop: Domenico Clerico