2008 Barolo of La Morra: a preview

Vinitaly doesn't overwhelm me like it used to. Now that I've been there three times and I speak (good enough) Italian, the major challenge is keeping myself focused, alert, energetic, motivated—and sober—all day long for four days straight of sampling, analyzing, inquiring and writing about, searching for, and taking photos of wines. I tell myself … Continue reading 2008 Barolo of La Morra: a preview

Elvio Cogno, Andrea Oberto, Domenico Clerico

From venerdì, 24 settembre, 2010. …and then there are those days where everyone says yes.  They are sandwiched between two other really big days of visits, tastings, and dinners – and you were hoping for some sort of break – but there is no time.  You can’t miss any opportunities. Elvio Cogno I met Valter … Continue reading Elvio Cogno, Andrea Oberto, Domenico Clerico

Next Stop: Domenico Clerico

Notes from February 20, 2010. I’m putting him at the top of my list for my next trip!  Maybe he’ll take me in for a taste at Vinitaly this year… I had never had any of his wines, except for L’Arte 2003 back on my very first night (ever) in Barolo. But after returning from Italy … Continue reading Next Stop: Domenico Clerico