Dolcetto = Love

What's really a bummer about Italian Dolcetto is that it's so hard to find a good one here in California! Most importers don't bother much with it. Instead they import big hefty and pricey Nebbiolo and important, age-worthy Barbera. Maybe they're thinking Dolcetto isn't as complex as the other wines, hasn't won all the lofty points … Continue reading Dolcetto = Love

2008 Barolo of La Morra: a preview

Vinitaly doesn't overwhelm me like it used to. Now that I've been there three times and I speak (good enough) Italian, the major challenge is keeping myself focused, alert, energetic, motivated—and sober—all day long for four days straight of sampling, analyzing, inquiring and writing about, searching for, and taking photos of wines. I tell myself … Continue reading 2008 Barolo of La Morra: a preview