What is a wine brand?

If you're a follower of my blog, you might know that I am currently working towards my WSET Diploma, which is like an advanced wine business degree. It is a long process of schooling: courses, tastings, exams, papers, etc. My latest research topic was wine branding and whether it is beneficial to consumers, producers, both, … Continue reading What is a wine brand?

Ribolla Gialla: Ribolla di Oslavia & George Vare Ribolla

A couple of spare days between visiting Alto Adige and returning to Barolo during the fall of 2013 led me to the hilly vineyards in the far eastern stretches of Friuli. It was there that I discovered the remarkable Collio DOC zone and the true potential of the Ribolla gialla grape. Dating back to the … Continue reading Ribolla Gialla: Ribolla di Oslavia & George Vare Ribolla

Napa Valley 2014. Wait. What?

We interrupt your normally scheduled programming to bring you ...  Images from Napa Valley: early December 2014 Right. This entry has nothing to do with Italy. But wait. This blog is all about—and only about—Italian wines and grape varieties. Isn't it? Yes. However, we all need a break sometimes and Napa is slowly becoming my friend. Yours truly … Continue reading Napa Valley 2014. Wait. What?

Live Wine Blogging: Day 1 — aack!

Because I am at the Wine Bloggers' Conference, I am taking a little recess from Italian wines for the Live Wine Blogging Session, which is an exercise where all those attending are presented with 10 wines in only 50 minutes and are supposed to write a blog entry on the spot. I know you are all … Continue reading Live Wine Blogging: Day 1 — aack!

Italian Castles and Wines —in Napa Valley!

Leave it to me to go to Napa Valley and only find Sangiovese, Aglianico, and Italian castles! A few weeks ago I spent a long weekend in the Mayacamas Mountains, the mountain range that separates Sonoma Valley from Napa Valley. In the afternoons I ventured down and east to the Napa side to explore some … Continue reading Italian Castles and Wines —in Napa Valley!