Renato Corino Part 1.7

"This moment contains all moments." -C.S. Lewis So it’s three days ‘til D-Day and all I can think about is la vendemmia. “Com’è stata l’estate? Faceva troppo caldo? Come sono i vigneti? … la Barbera? ... la Freisa? ... la Ruchè? … il Dolcetto? … il Nebbiolo?” I can’t believe 10 months have passed since I last … Continue reading Renato Corino Part 1.7

Cantina del Pino Ovello Barbaresco 2001-2007, and more

On May 3 this year I was lucky to catch my good friend Renato Vacca during his short trip to California. He and the guys (Joe & Mike) at Enoteca La Storia (ELS) had arranged a vertical tasting of Cantina del Pino Ovello vineyard Barbarescos. This is the only such comprehensive vertical tasting ever done with … Continue reading Cantina del Pino Ovello Barbaresco 2001-2007, and more

Il cibo di Piemonte (in Italiano)

It's true that I have been neglecting this blog the past couple months and I realize that.  But it's not because I haven't been thinking about Italy, or Piemonte, or Italian wine.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  The truth is I've been so busy teaching about Italian wine and trying to learn the Italian language, … Continue reading Il cibo di Piemonte (in Italiano)