“Been out in the wild” Campania

A few weeks ago, I invited my new WSET buddy, Tim, along with his husband, Elliot, to join me for dinner at A16, my very favorite Italian restaurant in San Francisco. The restaurant lives up to its name by giving you the feeling you're being transported, just as the autostrada, A16, literally does, to the … Continue reading “Been out in the wild” Campania

Campania, here I come. Mi aspetta!

In about a month I am packing my bags and heading off to discover the home of Aglianico, Fiano, and Falanghina.— Campania!I am sure I have no idea what I am getting myself into. Not only will I be right there at the Amalfi coast (I will have to check it out!) and Napoli (not … Continue reading Campania, here I come. Mi aspetta!