Nebbiolo Prima 2014

Nebbiolo Prima 2014 - [nĕ-bē-'yōh-lōh  prē-'mŭh  'twĕn-tē  fôr-'tēn  n] 400 wines from 230 different producers tasted blindly in 5 days by 90 journalists from 25 different countries. All Nebbiolo. "Solo Nebbiolo." Every morning from May 12-16, all ninety of us, from different corners of the world, assembled in the Palazzo Mostre e Congressi in Alba and … Continue reading Nebbiolo Prima 2014

Flowering Season in Barolo

Yes, the vineyards are gorgeous. But there are other sites to see in the Langhe. And smack-dab in the middle of the springtime is one of the best times to see them. From May 11-20 I was in Alba and the surrounding areas for Nebbiolo Prima, a journalists' tasting of all the new release Barolo, Barbaresco, … Continue reading Flowering Season in Barolo