Renato Ratti Ochetti Nebbiolo d’Alba

How could anyone possibly like Pinot noir more?  More than Nebbiolo –when you have a Nebbiolo like this?  This puts all those $35+ Cali Pinots to shame.  But let’s really be honest here.  Who is charging $35 for their Pride and Joy – from egregiously expensive plot of land – “We use all new French oak barrels here!” – 15.2%+ alcohol – “Oops, it won’t last longer than five years!” – Pinot?  Yeah, basically no one!

And yet, my friends, we have among us, a lovely $20 bottle of pure perfection.  A simple Nebbi really, yet so wonderful.  There is nothing not to like.  Nebbiolo d’Alba is the simplest classification you can get besides Langhe Nebbiolo.  And sometimes these winemakers just hit it.

This is really like those elegant La Morra Baroli I love (although technically this vineyard is in Roero), but with just a little less depth and strength for a two day evolution.  (It still tasted fine after two days actually but it wasn’t any better, as many Baroli are after two days.)  If you’re looking for a Nebbi to crack open now (no waiting 20 years and no breaking the bank!), this is it!

Rento Ratti Ochetti 2007. Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC.

Magenta in color, a surprising opacity, with brick reflections.  In the nose: potpourri and cellar floor, dried cherries, freshly cut rose stems, tobacco smoke, and barely-ripe banana peel.  The mouth feel is scrumptious with cherry juice and a bit of sweet, teriyaki, beef jerkey.  The finish really kicks it with tarragon, tart cherry, fresh pomegranate juice, and lush cocoa powder tannins. ★ ★ ★

I could ask for nothing more!  Except a couple more bottles!

3 thoughts on “Renato Ratti Ochetti Nebbiolo d’Alba

  1. Pete and I had this wine for his birthday dinner at La Briciola in SF. We absolutely LOVED it. 🙂

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