I know it’s been two months since I wrote anything.  But I was on a data-collecting mission.  I was living a Piemontese life.  And I’ve got souvenirs to show…

Every bottle has a story.

Some long.

Some short.

Some go in spirals, and some in straight lines.

Some have many stories, and some, only one.

Stay tuned in the months to come.  I’ll be writing about my fall 2010 adventures in Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta, and I may take a little diversion for my week in Provence and the southern Rhone…

2 thoughts on “Prelude

  1. Ciao Marci “Signorina Casanova”,
    I just have to say that i love this site. Whenever i miss my bleoved Piemonte, i just come here and feel wonderful.
    Keep it up!
    Salute, Marco
    P.S.: Had some Marco Porello Torretta tonight – i think you haven´t postet any of his wines!?!

    1. I’m very happy you enjoy it! I just posted the first wine review of my trip and I have like a Gazzilion more to go! So you won’t be hurting for reading! …aahhh the Torretta! I need to find that here. I’m stoked that I came home with a Correggia Roche d’Amsej however! Thanks!!! Salute! ~Signorina Casanuova

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