A Ruchè by any other name, would smell as sweet

When you think of great wine from Piedmont, you probably think of Barolo and Barbaresco and not much else, right? I mean, really. What else is there? Well the zones called Barolo and Barbaresco are located within the geographical location called the Langhe. The Langhe is within the political province of Cuneo. There are other … Continue reading A Ruchè by any other name, would smell as sweet

A little California Nebbiolo revelation

I tried a new California Nebbiolo last week and I was totally ready get on here and start dogging it but ... well I had a revelation. And so did the wine. So a couple weeks ago Jeff invited me to his annual company party, telling me that this year it was going to be … Continue reading A little California Nebbiolo revelation

California Nebbiolo

“It grows like a weed,” Randall Grahm said to me first when I asked him to describe his experience with Nebbiolo in California. This is ironic because Nebbiolo is supposed to be one of the most difficult varieties to grow in the world. The point is that the vine does grow like a weed. But … Continue reading California Nebbiolo