Discovering California Nebbiolo

I knew they were out there. I just wasn't sure how or when I'd find them. But as luck would have it, they found me! A couple of years ago I received a comment on my blog article, California Nebbiolo, from a man named Ken Musso, who happens to be the owner and wine maker … Continue reading Discovering California Nebbiolo


The other night I invited a few friends over to help me celebrate the completion of some of my recent wine projects. It's been such a busy spring that I have been forced to neglect my blog. But I'm back! And ready to cover lots of new stuff. If you have been wondering what the … Continue reading Lagrein

Barbera and Nebbiolo: California vs Piemonte

Well, I write a lot of notes but have neglected to document one of my most important nights in Italy last fall. Part of me is disappointed and part of me relieved. At the sacrifice of finding every little nuance in every wine I tried, I took the opportunity to just be present and appreciate … Continue reading Barbera and Nebbiolo: California vs Piemonte