Cantina Andriano Andrius Sauvignon blanc

Ever since my first jaunt to Alto Adige (called Südtirol by the Germans) three years ago, I try to cruise through each time I go back to Italy. Besides it being undeniably gorgeous, the region boasts a range of impressive wines made from about 20 different grape varieties. They do all of this within 5,300 hectares of total … Continue reading Cantina Andriano Andrius Sauvignon blanc

Unterortl of Alto Adige and Chiavennasca of Valtellina

I've been less active here the past couple of months but it's not because I haven't thinking about, drinking, and writing about wine. Aside from overcoming some family emergencies and crises, I've been working on some other projects. Earlier this month I finished an article about an artisan winery called Unterortl, for the Alto Adige … Continue reading Unterortl of Alto Adige and Chiavennasca of Valtellina


The other night I invited a few friends over to help me celebrate the completion of some of my recent wine projects. It's been such a busy spring that I have been forced to neglect my blog. But I'm back! And ready to cover lots of new stuff. If you have been wondering what the … Continue reading Lagrein