Discovering California Nebbiolo

I knew they were out there. I just wasn't sure how or when I'd find them. But as luck would have it, they found me! A couple of years ago I received a comment on my blog article, California Nebbiolo, from a man named Ken Musso, who happens to be the owner and wine maker … Continue reading Discovering California Nebbiolo

Amador Foothill Winery Aglianico

Finally a California wine with some real tannins! (And it's not a Rockpile Petite Sirah — because that would be too easy!) Ooooh, I just love it when these lovely little gems come out of the woodwork and hit me upside the head. Thank you! I needed that! "What was it," you ask? Well the … Continue reading Amador Foothill Winery Aglianico