Azelia San Rocco 2007 Barolo—on impulse

I had every intention of making it a "kale salad and kombucha" night. I even made a special trip to the Santa Cruz Farmers Market to stock up on my seasonal provisions, and to start the evening off right with a snack of sample pieces of organic apples and peaches. But looking back to the … Continue reading Azelia San Rocco 2007 Barolo—on impulse

Old and New World Nebbioli

The Nebbiolo vine is just not that successful on international soils. It can't compete with blockbuster grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah, which seem to have found a little place to hole up in all corners of the globe's wine regions. No one is writing books or planning tours around "Napa Valley" Nebbiolo or "Barossa … Continue reading Old and New World Nebbioli