Due Vigne Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto

You won’t catch me in any big box or department stores on Black Friday; I’m usually hitting the trails. But for the past two years I have sought middle ground by supporting local and small businesses. Last year I attended the Surf City Vintners Art, Wine, & Gift Bazaar here in Santa Cruz, a fantastic … Continue reading Due Vigne Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto

The Sierra Foothills Barbera Festival 2014

For a little background on the Sierra Foothills Barbera Festival, please read my 2013 entry.As for 2014, after sitting through harrowing, Friday the 13th, Bay Area traffic—what should have been a three hour drive turned into a five hour drive!—we made it to the Yorba tasting room in Sutter Creek with just enough time to … Continue reading The Sierra Foothills Barbera Festival 2014

The Sierra Foothills Barbera Festival 2013

I had been looking forward to the Sierra Foothills Barbera Festival all year. I missed the chance to go last year because I found out about it too late. So this year, I was not going to miss it. This early summer mountain festival is a place where California Barbera producers can gather together and … Continue reading The Sierra Foothills Barbera Festival 2013

The (Italian) wines of Murphys, California

Go to Murphys. But don't go for the wine! Okay, well maybe a little bit of it is good. But don't count on too much from this area.*  Still, it's a fun town to visit. A couple of weeks ago, in celebration of our eighth wedding anniversary, my husband, Jeff, and I went up to … Continue reading The (Italian) wines of Murphys, California