A day in Monforte d’Alba

Something funny happened this year. After nine years of setting out for Piemonte da sola, I finally found someone who was doing the same. Sure I have been there with other friends and family members sporadically, at various times, and there are my German Barolo Boys who I meet every year. But until this year, … Continue reading A day in Monforte d’Alba

Napa Valley 2014. Wait. What?

We interrupt your normally scheduled programming to bring you ...  Images from Napa Valley: early December 2014 Right. This entry has nothing to do with Italy. But wait. This blog is all about—and only about—Italian wines and grape varieties. Isn't it? Yes. However, we all need a break sometimes and Napa is slowly becoming my friend. Yours truly … Continue reading Napa Valley 2014. Wait. What?

Langhe-Roero and Monferrato become a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Ever since I fell in love with Piemonte in 2005, I've committed myself to the promotion and preservation of the place, land, wine, tradition, everything! In fact one of the tenets of this blog, which you'll find on my About page, is to "Teach [my readers] respect and awe for the Italian people, their culture, … Continue reading Langhe-Roero and Monferrato become a UNESCO World Heritage Site