Rocche Costamagna and Prunotto

For the sake of being comprehensive, I will review two winery visits from my stay in Piemonte in the fall of 2010, which I did not enjoy. From: lunedì, 20 settembre. Rocche Costamagna Even though I didn’t love all the wines, Alessandro Locatelli, the owner of Rocche Costamagna was a friendly and amicable host.  The … Continue reading Rocche Costamagna and Prunotto

Renato Corino Part 1.0, Mauro Veglio Part 3

If I were Tennessee Williams writing a play where everything symbolizes something else, I would write my German friend Marco as an usher at the last Led Zeppelin concert† who, at the entrance, hands me free front-row tickets and backstage passes to hang out with Jimmy Page simply because … I was in the right … Continue reading Renato Corino Part 1.0, Mauro Veglio Part 3

Got to keep on moving

When I decided to book a ten week stay in Italy last autumn, I had exactly two major goals: improve my Italian by speaking and learn as much as I could about the growth and production of Nebbiolo in Piemonte. I had been offered a harvest internship near Asti which I thought was going to … Continue reading Got to keep on moving

Germano Ettore

From: lunedì, 20 settembre. “BUONGIORNO! MI CHIAMO MARCELLA.  IO HO UN APPUNTAMENTO ALLE DUE!”  I yelled over the small gang of dogs in the driveway who were barking their heads off like I was some sort of mafia person with a machine gun.  The first person I had found at this small azienda, a man … Continue reading Germano Ettore

Ai suma

Part I. One of my favorite things to do is cook for my friends.  My friends are troopers; they allow me to be this way.  My husband also puts up with it.  So about once a year, I go crazy and make a multi-course meal with wine pairings and all the accoutrements.  The theme these … Continue reading Ai suma

Next Stop: Domenico Clerico

Notes from February 20, 2010. I’m putting him at the top of my list for my next trip!  Maybe he’ll take me in for a taste at Vinitaly this year… I had never had any of his wines, except for L’Arte 2003 back on my very first night (ever) in Barolo. But after returning from Italy … Continue reading Next Stop: Domenico Clerico