Renato Corino Part 1.7

"This moment contains all moments." -C.S. Lewis So it’s three days ‘til D-Day and all I can think about is la vendemmia. “Com’è stata l’estate? Faceva troppo caldo? Come sono i vigneti? … la Barbera? ... la Freisa? ... la Ruchè? … il Dolcetto? … il Nebbiolo?” I can’t believe 10 months have passed since I last … Continue reading Renato Corino Part 1.7

California Nebbiolo

“It grows like a weed,” Randall Grahm said to me first when I asked him to describe his experience with Nebbiolo in California. This is ironic because Nebbiolo is supposed to be one of the most difficult varieties to grow in the world. The point is that the vine does grow like a weed. But … Continue reading California Nebbiolo

Stars of Roero

Every year I make my pilgrimage to Berkeley, California in June and cruise around my favorite neighborhoods, exploring.  My parents lived in this town in the east bay before I was born and they always referred to it as their old “stomping grounds.” Having spent my first two years of college at UC Berkeley, I … Continue reading Stars of Roero

Cantina del Pino Ovello Barbaresco 2001-2007, and more

On May 3 this year I was lucky to catch my good friend Renato Vacca during his short trip to California. He and the guys (Joe & Mike) at Enoteca La Storia (ELS) had arranged a vertical tasting of Cantina del Pino Ovello vineyard Barbarescos. This is the only such comprehensive vertical tasting ever done with … Continue reading Cantina del Pino Ovello Barbaresco 2001-2007, and more

Yes wines

Quite honestly, when I’m in Italy, I'm usually dorking out with my notebook, writing something about every little wine I try.  But sometimes I just don’t want to.  Sometimes all that's important is whether I'm giving the wine a yes or no. Yes, I like it. Yes, I’d order it again.  Yes, I’d pay X dollars … Continue reading Yes wines

G.D. Vajra

From martedì, 28 settembre, 2010. Certainly one of my favorite discoveries last fall was Azienda Agricola G.D. Vajra, which happens to be in the village of Vergne, just a couple steps away from my beloved agriturismo, Le Viole.  In fact the family who owns Le Viole has the same last name as the owners of … Continue reading G.D. Vajra