G.D. Vajra

From martedì, 28 settembre, 2010. Certainly one of my favorite discoveries last fall was Azienda Agricola G.D. Vajra, which happens to be in the village of Vergne, just a couple steps away from my beloved agriturismo, Le Viole.  In fact the family who owns Le Viole has the same last name as the owners of … Continue reading G.D. Vajra

Elvio Cogno, Andrea Oberto, Domenico Clerico

From venerdì, 24 settembre, 2010. …and then there are those days where everyone says yes.  They are sandwiched between two other really big days of visits, tastings, and dinners – and you were hoping for some sort of break – but there is no time.  You can’t miss any opportunities. Elvio Cogno I met Valter … Continue reading Elvio Cogno, Andrea Oberto, Domenico Clerico

Germano Ettore

From: lunedì, 20 settembre. “BUONGIORNO! MI CHIAMO MARCELLA.  IO HO UN APPUNTAMENTO ALLE DUE!”  I yelled over the small gang of dogs in the driveway who were barking their heads off like I was some sort of mafia person with a machine gun.  The first person I had found at this small azienda, a man … Continue reading Germano Ettore


I know it’s been two months since I wrote anything.  But I was on a data-collecting mission.  I was living a Piemontese life.  And I’ve got souvenirs to show… Every bottle has a story. Some long. Some short. Some go in spirals, and some in straight lines. Some have many stories, and some, only one. … Continue reading Prelude

Chionetti, da sola

Never drink alone. What does that really mean and why do people like to hold to such absolutes? Does that mean a single person shall never enjoy a special glass of wine with his dinner?  He shall strictly be limited to water until he can find himself a life partner?  Does that mean a person … Continue reading Chionetti, da sola

a little domestic Barbera and Dolcetto

Scott Harvey is one of my favorite Sierra Foothills producers.  He makes some great Zins and I remember being impressed by his Barberas in the past.  Recently I acquired his 2007 Amador County J&S Reserve Barbera and was excited to open it.  But unfortunately it tasted just like Zinfandel. Scott Harvey J&S Reserve 2007 Barbera. … Continue reading a little domestic Barbera and Dolcetto